Buffalo Soldiers Museum Tacoma, WA

Buffalo Soldiers Museum

The Buffalo Soldier Museum is a non-profit organization founded to honor the all-black regiment of the United States military that served from 1866 to 1944. The museum was established thanks to the daughter of William Jones, Jackie Jones-Hook, who took up her father’s request to preserve the memory of his time as a Buffalo Soldier. Despite speaking very little about his time as a prisoner of war in the Korean War, Jones’ family decided to create the museum after his death in 2009. In 2012, the museum opened its doors in Tacoma, offering a sanctuary for students and community members to learn about a significant yet often overlooked part of American history.

The museum, formally known as the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Museum, is one of only two such institutions in the country that pay homage to the Buffalo Soldiers, the other being the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston. It operates as a non-profit organization and is dedicated to educating the public about the history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers through an extensive collection of military artifacts, books, articles, and DVDs from Jones’ military service.

The museum’s collection includes a range of military artifacts, such as uniforms, weapons, and equipment used by the Buffalo Soldiers. Visitors can view firsthand accounts and photographs of the soldiers in action, as well as artifacts from the Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II. In addition, the museum has a library of books and articles about the Buffalo Soldiers and their contributions to American history.

One of the museum’s primary goals is to educate the public, particularly students, about the Buffalo Soldiers’ significant contributions to the United States military and to the nation as a whole. The museum offers a range of educational programs and exhibits designed to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds. For instance, the museum hosts student tours, classroom visits, and workshops that provide a hands-on, interactive learning experience. The museum also offers public lectures, film screenings, and special events throughout the year to foster community engagement and dialogue.

Moreover, the museum is dedicated to preserving the Buffalo Soldiers’ legacy for future generations. Through its collections and educational programs, the museum seeks to ensure that the contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers are not forgotten. The museum’s exhibits and programs encourage visitors to reflect on the sacrifices and achievements of these brave soldiers, who faced racism and discrimination both on and off the battlefield.

Overall, the Buffalo Soldier Museum is a unique institution that honors the legacy of a remarkable group of soldiers. It provides a space for visitors to learn about the Buffalo Soldiers’ contributions to American history and to reflect on the ongoing struggle for equality and justice in the United States. As a non-profit organization, the museum relies on donations and community support to continue its vital work of educating the public and preserving the memory of the Buffalo Soldiers for future generations.